Southern Spain, my great passion


In the early nineties, I travelled for the first time to southern Spain, spending my vacations in the holiday residence of my parents-in-law in Garrucha, a small fishing village at the coast of Almeria. Garrucha is located about 10 km north of Mojácar, a beautiful white village on the slopes of the Sierra Cabrera, and around 35 km north of the stunning Cabo de Gata-Nijar National Park.

Right away, I fell in love with the dry and rugged landscape and the vivid and welcoming Andalusian lifestyle. This love developed into the wish to do my PhD in Granada, one of my absolute favourite cities in Andalusia. Unfortunately, at that time, it was not possible to defend the doctoral thesis in English and so my dream to life for a while in Andalusia faded out, as I was not speaking any Spanish.

Honestly, the region around Garrucha became my second home, spending plenty of my summers there. The mixture of rolling hills, steep mountains of volcanic origin, picturesque beaches, and rough cliffs makes it an ideal place for biking, hiking or any kind of aquatic activities.

360º Photograph of the Mesa de Roldán

Over the course of many years, I compiled a significant number of photographs on my hard drives. Learn about my perspective on the beauties of Garrucha, the Sierra Cabrera, the Sierra de los Filabres, and the Cabo de Gata.


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Mojácar at sunset
House entrance in Mojácar

Climbing up to Bédar (Photo courtesy of Ben Roberts Photography)
Climbing to La Rambla Aljibe (Photo courtesy of Ben Roberts Photography)